Peartree Homes

Home Additions

If you love your home, but your growing family is making it feel smaller, adding on to your home may be a better solution than moving. With an average of 30 people moving to Charleston every single day, the housing market is difficult to navigate. For many of our customers, adding on to an existing home offers increased livability, increased home value, and allows you to stay in the home that you have come to love.

The way we live in our homes today, differs drastically to the ways of the past. Older homes often have lower ceilings, smaller rooms, and can feel disconnected from the outdoors. We love the Lowcountry and always look for ways for our clients to bring the outside in and vice versa. Large windows to let in the natural light, or multiple panel sliding doors, can open up a space and offer more versatility for a room. By adding a sunroom, den, or enlarged kitchen/dining area, you can better enjoy your home that used to feel cramped.

Some common reasons to add to an existing home
• Offers a specialized place for hobbies and entertainment
• Can be used as a home office
• Give one of your children their own private bedroom
• Expand your living space
• Avoid the stress and expense of moving

When you renovate or add square footage to your home, you not only add value to your home, but you add value to your neighborhood. We love being a part of your local community and do our part to ensure the longevity of every home that we are honored to work on.