How to Tell Whether You Need Seawall Repair or Replacement

July 10th, 2020 | by caronq

Seawalls prevent a body of water from encroaching onto your property, which will otherwise lead to land erosion over time. This can intensify during storms and hurricanes when the water becomes strong enough to erode away large sections of your property. If you live somewhere adjacent to a waterfront, you need to be sure you have a sturdy seawall that can protect your property.

As a reliable seawall construction contractor, Peartree Renovations & Marine Construction wants to help you make sure that your seawall won’t fail you, especially during severe weather. If you’re not sure if you need a repair or replacement, the signs that you need to look out for include the following:

Large or Widening Voids Between Seawall Slabs

A gap between slabs that’s significantly larger than the other gaps between slabs is not a good sign for your seawall and should be repaired immediately. Have it repaired as well if the gaps appear to be widening in general since this may be a sign that the joints have weakened or are already broken. This usually happens when the anchors fail, which can lead to the seawall cap cracking and other damage to seawall slabs.

Cracks, Bowing or Crooked Seawall Slabs

Your seawall slabs are under constant stress and pressure. If you notice your wall is leaning in or out, this may be due to a pressure imbalance that can lead to further cracking, bowing and even misalignment. If not addressed immediately, the pressure imbalance can force the slabs to buckle, and you’ll end up with a partial or complete seawall failure.

Missing Chunks or Voids

Any void you see in your seawall may be caused by cracks in the concrete. Cracks can grow over time, which lead to the erosion of concrete and possible failure of your seawall. If your seawall is already missing large chunks of concrete, you need to have a professional inspect it immediately in order to determine the amount of damage your seawall has sustained.

After considering these signs, if you decided that your seawall needs professional repair and replacement, don’t hesitate to hire us. Call Peartree Renovations & Marine Construction today at (843) 428-2546, or you can also reach us online through our contact form.